Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 4, December 2011

Dawn Bruce
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



Ghosts and shadows intermingle through this love affair.

At last we travel miles away. I change my name, he changes his occupation.

before we met
our life was lemon-ginger tea
the fragrance of jasmine
drifts around us

The house we rent is in my new name, in a quiet, undistinguished neighbourhood.

We don't need the entertainment of bars, theatres, dining out or even friends. Instead, he sketches while I write.

Some weekends we pack the car and set off for a bush holiday, camp under the stars and observe unspoilt nature going about her business in that keen yet quiet manner that is foreign to most humans.

I've begun to relax and shop at the weekend for exotic ingredients to follow recipes from his grandmother's old notes. He relaxes too, setting up a Japanese garden in the courtyard, water feature included. I'm delighted by his skill.

in grey light
of the coming dawn
the phone shrills . . .
we turn to each other
and hold our breath


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