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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 3, September 2011



buttonResults of the British Haiku Awards 2010 (Haibun Section)
buttonThe British Haiku Awards 2011 Call for Submissions

Articles, Interviews & Reviews

buttonBob Lucky, Topic Unknown: My Beginnings in Tanka Prose
buttonRay Rasmussen, A Title is a Title is a Title, or is it? – The Unexplored Role of Titles in Haibun
buttonCharles Tarlton, Memoir of an American Tanka-Prose
buttonJeffrey Woodward, On Gary LeBel's Abacus: Prose poems, haibun and short poems
buttonJeffrey Woodward, Wheeling through the Cedars: An Interview with Michael McClintock


buttonMelissa Allen, Climbing
buttonMelissa Allen, Where We Live
buttonSteven Carter, Topaz, Utah
buttonMarcyn Del Clements, Erasing the Images
buttonGlenn G. Coats, Teaching Guides
buttonL. Costa, Wide Horizon
buttonAnne Curran, A New Friend in a New Land
buttonTish Davis, Brevity of Dogwoods
buttonAl Fogel, The Mathematics of Retribution
buttonJeffrey Harpeng, Seven Teas—Sixth Tea
buttonMichele L. Harvey, The Depth of Soil
buttonLaura Hill, Arctic Autumn
buttonLaura Hill, Mountain Bluebirds
buttonRoger Jones, Garden Haibun
buttonRoger Jones, Late Night Fireplace
buttonPatricia Kennelly, Beach-combing
buttonGary LeBel, Hunger
buttonGary LeBel, Under the Wire
buttonBob Lucky, Far from Shore
buttonBob Lucky, Third Day of Ramazan, Istanbul, 2011
buttonVictor Maddalena, Solitude
buttonMichael McClintock, The Importance of Gold Fish
buttonMichael McClintock, Snow on the Mountains
buttonMichael McClintock, Unnatural Amber
buttonKathe L. Palka, Recession
buttonCarol Pearce-Worthington, Sirens
buttonKala Ramesh, Gangotri
buttonRay Rasmussen, Dusky Moments
buttonRichard Straw, Keeping Silence
buttonDiana Webb, Bird on a Tree
buttonHarriot West, In Your Dream
buttonHarriot West, Sometimes It Matters
buttonTheresa Williams, Beto Junction Truckstop

Tanka Prose

buttonCherie Hunter Day, Barnacle Bill
buttonCherie Hunter Day, Lilacs
buttonClaire Everett, While the Light Holds
buttonAutumn N. Hall, Hope is the Thing with Feathers
buttonJeffrey Harpeng, Almanac and Son
buttonJeffrey Harpeng, Seven Teas—Seventh Tea
buttonGary LeBel, The Lady and Her Eyes
buttonDru Philippou, End of Summer
buttonPatricia Prime, Punakaiki Rocks
buttonCharles Tarlton, All This Shows An Example
buttonCharles Tarlton, Fortuna
buttonCharles Tarlton, In the Desert


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