Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 2, June 2011


In Memoriam: Ruth Franke

Articles, Interviews & Reviews

buttonCharles Hansmann, Haibunesque
buttonJeffrey Harpeng, The Jazz of Pilgrimage
buttonIngrid Kunschke, “Forget-Me-Nots": Balancing Minds and Modes
buttonBob Lucky, On Stanley Pelter’s An Abundance of Gifts
buttonMichael McClintock, On Contemporary Haibun 12
buttonPatricia Prime, “White & Red”: My Beginnings in Tanka Prose
buttonLynne Rees, On Charles Hansmann’s The Loneliness Jacket


button Melissa Allen, The Rainbow Cafe
button Belinda Broughton, Corellas
button Matthew Caretti, First Waters
button Matthew Caretti, Intention
button Steven Carter, Montana
button Marcyn Clements, Taboose Creek Campground
button Glenn G. Coats, Beginners
button Glenn G. Coats, Expectations
button Katherine Cudney, This World of Dew
button Cherie Hunter Day, American Primitive
button Cherie Hunter Day, Teeth of Winter
button Eduardo del Valle, Labor Weekend
button Eduardo del Valle, 6:49 P.M.
button Terri L. French, Taxi
button Brieanna Hall, Betrayal
button Michele L. Harvey, Least Expected
button Ruth Holzer, The Golden Arrow
button Colin Stewart Jones, Should Rules Be Broken
button Ken Jones, Laughing Gas
button Gary LeBel, They Fell Down
button Chen-ou Liu, The Length of Longing
button Bob Lucky, Butter-less in Ethiopia
button Bob Lucky, I Should Have Gone to Law School . . .
button Victor Maddalena, Father
button Victor Maddalena, Ripples in the Pond
button Giselle Maya, On the 'Neophyte'
button Andrew Shattuck McBride, Folding Paper Cranes
button Carol Pearce-Worthington, First Performance
button Ray Rasmussen, A Glimpse of the Moon
button Mark Ritchie, Beyond the Woodshed
button Cynthia Rowe, Consultation
button Miriam Sagan, Four Untitled
button Adelaide B. Shaw, The Apprentice
button Lucas Stensland, Cedar Falls
button Harriot West, Abundant Blessings

Tanka Prose

buttonBelinda Broughton, Flight and Earth
buttonAmelia Fielden, The Longest Week
buttonIngrid Kunschke, Beneath the Waves
buttonBob Lucky, How the Spell is Broken
buttonDru Philippou, Evening Out
buttonPatricia Prime, Imperfect Travellers
buttonPatricia Prime, Making Waves
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Flight Patterns
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Ironies of Excess
buttonJeffrey Woodward, Green Apples, 1873


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