Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 2, June 2011

Bob Lucky
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Butter-less in Ethiopia

dusty sunrise
water trickles
into the tank

I decide to make pancakes for breakfast. But there's no butter. There's not enough maple syrup in the world that can compensate for butter-less pancakes. I spend the morning going store to store, coming out empty-handed and full of frustration before I remember it's Lent and Ethiopian Christians are fasting. Rumors are there'll be no butter in the stores until after Easter.

empty parking lot
the glare of the dent
in my car

I've bought something at every storeā€”a bag of Kenyan cashews, a jar of peanuts, Turkish cherry juice, two cans of Heineken, a frozen halal chicken, a bottle of South African Pinotage, and a mop. I scrounge in my pocket to see if I have enough change for a macchiato.

broken ATM
the dozing guard
hugs his rifle







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