Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 5, Number 1, March 2011



buttonJeffrey Woodward (Ed.), Signposts, Milestones and the Haibun Journey

Articles, Interviews & Reviews

buttonGlenn G. Coats, On Cor van den Heuval's A Boy's Seasons
buttonTish Davis, On the BHS Anthology The Unseen Wind
buttonLinda Papanicolaou, Ray Rasmussen's Canyonlands Journal: A Brief Case Study . . .
buttonJeffrey Woodward, Showing the Shadow: Ray Rasmussen on Haiku, Haiga and Haibun
buttonRich Youmans, More Than the Sum of Its Parts: Explorations in Contemporary English-Language Haibun


buttonMelissa Allen, Vietnam Era
buttonChris Bays, Near Gem City
buttonJohn Brandi, Kanyakumari
buttonJohn Brandi, The Malabar Express
buttonSteven Carter, Desert Morning
buttonSonam Chhoki, Bad Leg and Other Things
buttonGlenn G. Coats, Mercy
buttonGlenn G. Coats, A Murder of Crows
buttonCherie Hunter Day, Buttonwillow, California
buttonRuth Franke, Homeland
buttonCharles Hansmann, Core
buttonCharles Hansmann, Old Tricks
buttonPenny Harter, One Bowl
buttonPenny Harter, White Goose Dream
buttonMichele L. Harvey, Tribute
buttonRuth Holzer, Streets
buttonRuth Holzer, Truro
buttonRita Hooks, Summer Sidewalks
buttonRoger Jones, Oklahoma Pastoral
buttonGary LeBel, Peep
buttonGary LeBel, Vox Humana
buttonBob Lucky, The Long-term Effects...
buttonJohannes Manjrekar, Magisterial
buttonCarol Pearce-Worthington, If Ever I Would Leave You
buttonStanley Pelter, Hard Cornstubs
buttonStanley Pelter, Nature Shelf
buttonRay Rasmussen, Public Exposure
buttonBruce Ross, Always Near the Top
buttonHelen Ruggieri, Dead Endings
buttonKatherine Samuelowicz, Death at Work
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, A Walk in the Woods
buttonLucas Stensland, Your Local Grocer
buttonDiana Webb, Quill
buttonTheresa Williams, Cristo with Mourning Figures
buttonTheresa Williams, First Time on a River with Locks
buttonJeffrey Woodward, Plain Air

Tanka Prose

buttonAmelia Fielden, Time Passes
buttonGerry Jacobson, Weatherbeaten
buttonBob Lucky, At Nebil Café, Addis Ababa
buttonGiselle Maya, For Fifteen Years
buttonLinda Papanicolaou, The Siren Cup

buttonDru Philippou, Sloughing Off
buttonPatricia Prime, Man in a Sheet
buttonPatricia Prime, The Stone Boat
buttonKatherine Samuelowicz, Reading Her Poetry
buttonCharles D. Tarlton, Natural Ironies


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