Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 4, Number 3, September 2010

Jeffrey Winke
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


And Prying, They Thought

It’s a small house located in a small town where the retired poet lives a small life. No one living in the small town remembers when the retired poet living the small life moved into the small house. It happened quietly and seamlessly. Yes, life is simple and slow-paced in the small town, but still, it was no small feat that the retired poet could pull it off. The small town residents were ever respectful of the retired poet’s small life. Curious as they were, they never felt right asking. To ask would be more than a bit rude and prying, they thought. Still, the big question burns in the minds of the small town residents. Call it small town trepidation or misplaced mores, but all resisted the dare to rap on the door of the small house where the retired poet lives to ask: Can a poet really retire from poetry?

no hoopla
a single ant
slowly passes by


First collected in I’ll Tell You So by Jeffrey Winke (Ellison Bay, WI: Cross + Roads Press, 2010).

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