Haibun Today

A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Editor
Volume 4, Number 1, March 2010

Michelle Harvey
Hamilton, New York, USA


All Smiles

It was after the burglar, and the whorehouse, and the drug dealer next door. It was after the fire that winter, and after the third landlord went belly-up and the building went into receivership.

all smiles
at the penny arcade
the bride in white

There still was the chicken that chose your fortune for 50 cents. Next to that were the pinball machines and the video games and the photo booth. A group of girls cutting school gathered at the door, and asked breathlessly if the couple was just married.

City Hall
the judge asks us
to take it elsewhere

I didn’t realize that a few words would mean so much, after all, we had already been together nine years.

becomes mine . . .
spring equinox





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