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Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 13, Number 3, September 2019

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Steve Andrews
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, USA

Missing Children

What did we know? We were just kids. There were always about two dozen of us in our one-room country school, sitting at our desks, playing softball at recess. Just being kids.


Twenty-five years later, just after the school closed, someone organized a reunion of the school’s former students and teachers. As we sat there among our own children, the topic of missing classmates came up. I realized then that, just in my own eight years at the little school, four fellow students had died. Elizabeth of brain cancer. Bobby, Jacob and Christine of leukemia.

all the flowers

Insects were always a problem on the farm. Flies in the barn. Grasshoppers in the fields. Not to worry. Daddy always had a sprayer filled with 2-4-D to take care of things.

washed away