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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 13, Number 2, June 2019

Cindi Lloyd's "Sunday Afternoon," A Personal Commentary by Adelaide Shaw

My husband was a football van, and I can relate to Cynthia Lloyd’s haibun, “Sunday Afternoon.” My husband, also, offered to relinquish the television remote control, and, like Cynthia, I did something else.

There is a lot of give-and-take in a marriage, and I knew from the git-go football was to be a “give” on my part. My husband “gave” in a number of ways, so I accepted this as part of my life and read or wrote or did something else while the game was on.

The last sentence “. . . I pick up my notebook and click the pen,” tells me this is what Cynthia does and her haibun is the result.

The haiku is an apt capping to the prose. A quarter horse is a work horse used to work with cattle on ranches and in rodeos. It is also a sprinter and run in races.  This horse is grazing and does not have the reins in his teeth, but his time will come. So will the poet’s time come. In the meantime, she shares with us the result of her “grazing.”

Cyndi Lloyd 
Riverton, Utah, USA

Sunday Afternoon

I’m waiting for the TV. My husband, who is watching the Raiders and Broncos game, informs me there’s only 14 minutes left. 

“Meaning it still has about thirty minutes or more,” I say and groan.

“If you need to watch a program you can,” he offers.

“No. I agreed to let you watch your game.” I glance at the flat screen, at a clash of black and silver into orange and blue. Shake my head. 

“Does your Mom watch football?” I ask. 

“She doesn’t.”

“Then we have something in common.”

“But your Mom watches football. She’s more a college fan though.”

“I know.” I drag out the long ‘o.’ “She’s always watched football. She just loves BYU.”

“BYU and Utah have a big game next Saturday in the Las Vegas Bowl,” my husband says.

“That doesn’t matter,” I say and leave the room. I pick up my notebook and click the pen.

winter drizzle 
the Quarter Horse continues




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