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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 10, Number 4, December 2016


Iris Lee
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Found Art

The top half of the banker’s cubicle wall is glass. Standing within, waiting for him to appear, I notice a 5x7 card affixed to the glass to the right of the door. It is a black and white semi-abstract print of a doorway, looking into an interior which might be a ramshackle warehouse space or a deserted, squalid factory floor. Well-done! I think. I’m always attracted to industrial waste photos, the shabbier and scrubbier the better. Make art of refuse and dirt. Then I realize that I’m looking at the back side of the card, glued to the glass, the glue darkened and smudged to create my fantasy piece of art. The front of the card must announce the cubicle number, or the banker’s name but I don’t look to see what’s actually printed on it. I’d like to take a photo of the “art” side but I’m afraid the banker will think I’m daft, so I make an effort to paste the image into my mind’s eye in order to remember it.

shadows of
black tree limbs –
smudges on snow



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