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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 10, Number 2, June 2016


Jonathan McKeown
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


In a way I am the more privileged I suppose (my thoughts diverted by a discarded plastic bottle I notice in the scrub beside the track). Privileged that I can remember a time before plastic bottles; can appreciate the primitive possibilities of such a useful thing beyond its commercially ordained role as a one-off delivery device. “Dispose of thoughtfully,” it reads. That a thoughtful person might consider the possibility of not disposing of it at all . . . the possibilities of keeping it . . . perhaps never occurred to the marketeer that coughed up that symptomatic sentence, let alone the one that flung it there; symptomatic, yes, or cynical. And privileged that I still have some memory, some sense of what our race once called need.

lenten moon
the ribbed wake
of a moorhen



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