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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & General Editor
Volume 10, Number 2, June 2016


Anatoly Kudryavitsky
Dublin, Ireland

The Bridge Incident

Wu Scheng-en, an interculturalist, was kidnapped from a bridge by a bunch of anarchists. He later couldn’t recall if that bridge was linking the Old and the New, or the East and the West, or even the East and the East, the latter being most likely. One thing he knew for sure was that in the olden days hostilities in that area escalated into the war between the Japanese and the Chinese that half-heartedly pretended to be Koreans.

Wu Scheng-en was told that the condition of his release was the abolition of borders in the region. Locked away out of sight in a derelict pigpen, he was arming himself with patience and measuring the time to come not by the length of years but rather by the milestones of giving up everything he always regarded as important but in present circumstances had to add to the list of immoderations of happy seasons.

stillness in the air
a vulture’s shadow crosses
no man’s land



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